About Us

Mostotrest PJSC specializes in construction and reconstruction of road, railway and city bridges, roads and other transport infrastructure.

The company was founded in 1930 as the Mostotrest Nationwide Group for Construction of Customized and Large Bridges. Over the years of its business operations, the Company has built and rebuilt more than 7,700 infrastructure facilities, including bridges, overpasses, tunnels and traffic interchanges. Among the projects implemented by Mostotrest in recent years are the Zhivopisny Bridge across the Moskva River in Serebryany Bor in Moscow, a cable-stayed bridge across the Oka near Murom, Pulkovskaya traffic interchange and Bolshoi Obukhovsky Bridge in St. Petersburg, sections of the M-4 ‘Don’ Highway, Vyshni Volochek Bypass on the M-11 ‘Moscow - St. Petersburg’ Highway, the km 15 – km 58 section of the M-11 ‘Moscow - St. Petersburg’ Highway, Businovskaya traffic interchange and others. As part of the preparation program for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the Company built several traffic interchanges and the Kurortny Avenue relief road.

In May 2020, Mostotrest shareholders voted to restructure the Company in connection with the establishment, with the participation of the VEB.RF State Corporation, of the infrastructure holding group ‘Natsproektstroy Group of Companies JSC’, in line with the ambitious government goal to create the largest national infrastructure holding company with unique competencies and technologies, capable of ensuring the implementation of intensive infrastructure development projects in Russia.

In accordance with the decision taken by the shareholders, ‘Roads & Bridges’, a new joint-stock company, was spun off from Mostotrest PJSC, to which a significant share of property, production capacity and labour resources were transferred, as well as rights, obligations and liabilities of Mostotrest in relation to creditors and debtors. State registration of Roads & Bridges JSC was completed in October 2020.

Mostotrest owns 60% in LLC MTSM-Service specializing in maintenance of transport infrastructure. 

Currently, Mostotrest participates in the implementation of Russian transport infrastructure development projects, in particular, in Moscow, maintaining its reputation as an experienced and reliable contractor in the infrastructure construction sector.