Health and Safety

Mostotrest is committed to the wellbeing of its employees. Key elements of the Health and Safety initiatives are set out below.

Labour safety
· Labour safety service and committees on labour safety
Ongoing control over the working conditions and labour safety at the construction sites and production bases
Training of managers and specialists in labour safety
Financing of activities to improve labour conditions generally accounts for not less than 0.3% of the total production cost
Provision of employees with uniform, footwear, individual protection equipment

Social and medical programmes for employees
Social insurance for employees (compulsory health insurance as well as voluntary health insurance)
Rest rooms and sports facilities
Fully equipped medical stations
Resorts for employees and their families
Recreational facilities for employees' children aged 7-15 years during the summer and winter holidays
Annual autumn and winter sports competitions in various disciplines.

Industrial Safety
Maintain state registry of hazardous production facilities (registration, re-registration, exclusion from state registry)
Insure the Group’s civil liability for damage to life and health of third parties, damage to property of third parties, damage to the environment
Corporate control over industrial safety compliance