Patents and development

Mostotrest plans to expand its research and development activities. An example of this is the company’s plan to further improve its technologies relating to the construction of cable-stayed bridges, the use of prefabricated pre-stressed reinforced concrete girders in span structures for highway bridges and the construction of in-situ pre-stressed reinforced concrete span structures for highway and railway bridges.

Mostotrest also plans to develop new technologies for the application of anticorrosion layering of high-impact plugs and for the application of waterproof layers for roadway slabs of highway and railway bridges.

Patent ╣2199638 źSet for the manually assembled inventory scaffolding╗

The set of elements for manually assembled inventory scaffolding containing horizontal and diagonal joints, grillage, balks and tube stands installed in parallel with flanges with holes, the stand lengths ratio is 4:2:1

Patent ╣2199638 źBridge support block╗

The bridge support block includes the bottom element with spherically concaved [p y] PLEASE CLARIFY working surface, at which sheet polymer antifriction material is located, and adjacent top element with the supporting ball surface, with refined surface and chrome-layer cover

Patent ╣2163276 źDevice for longitudinal launching of reinforced concrete span structures╗

The device contains vertically mounted hydrocylinders with rods and a locking element

Patent ╣2143023 źJoined steel reinforced concrete span structure╗

Used in the joined steel reinforced concrete span structure of a bridge, which includes a concrete slab and a steel beam, to the top belt of which the reinforcing flexible rods (rods, having the head in the top section) positioned in rows in the concrete slab, are welded perpendicularly to the shelf

Designs of anchor elements
Being one of the leaders in the technology of pre-stressing bridge structures, Mostotrest owns 19 patents relating to the design and production of anchorage elements used to join high-strength hardware cables and bunches.