Project management system

Mostotrest has been developing and implementing a project-focused management approach since 2007. Business efficiency is estimated based on total figures for each project in the company’s portfolio.

The Project Management Office, which is located in Mostotrests central office, has developed and introduced corporate methodology and project management standards based on a combination of PMI international standards and local requirements.

The company uses Spider Project Information software for its operational planning and analysis. The software facilitates resource calendar planning, cost control and cash flow supervision, taking into account the specifics of each project. Cost of sales planning is calculated based on the companys own database, which is continually updated with current figures for all projects in progress. As a result of this, Mostotrest is able to more efficiently manage its current projects, plan resource deliveries, control its own resources and estimate project completions and the financial result trend.

Mostotrest assembles project management teams for technologically complex projects on which it acts as the general contractor and two or more of its branches are involved. Depending on the complexity of the project, a project management team comprises between 5 and 30 people, typically employees of the appropriate departments of Mostotrests central office. Each team is headed by the manager of the relevant project and the teams exact structure and scope of involvement will vary depending on the status of each project. These details are set out in an internal document which is known as the projects charter.