Construction of concrete in-citu pre-stressed bridge structures

Construction technologies:

  • Concreting on site using continuous scaffolding
  • Concreting section by section on permanent false work with subsequent launching of a completed section of the section‐by‐section balanced concreting using movable scaffolding

Technology of pre-stressing of the bridge structures:

  • Manufacture and installation at assembly of the elements of anchorage of cables and channellers for the prestressing tendons
  • Driving of the cables into the channellers and organisation of batches of pre-stressed tendons
  • Tension with hydraulic jacks of both strands and cables bunches of 4, 12, 19 and 25 wires
  • Linking of the batches along the length of the structure
  • Cable tension control
  • Injection of the channels with concrete after tension of the cables

Works are conducted all year round, including at temperatures below zero in the inventory heated shelters.