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10/04/17   Mostotrest publishes 2016 results
Mostotrest achieved strong operating results in 2016.
13/01/17   TSM to Continue Reconstruction of Vladivostok Nakhodka Vostochny Port Highway
The highway will be an important transport artery of the Southern Primorsky Territory.
13/12/16   TSM to Build Losevo and Pavlovsk Bypass on M-4 Don Federal Highway
Construction of the project is to be completed in 2020. The total duration of the contract (including construction and operation) is 24 years.
05/12/16   Mostotrest to build new bridge across Volga in Dubna
Mostotrest will build a four-lane (two lanes in each direction) bridge crossing with a total length of 1,940 meters and the net bridge length of 485 meters.
21/11/16   Test mode operation of Rogachevka and Novaya Usman bypass in Voronezh Region launched
The segment is the continuation of the Voronezh Bypass commissioned by TSM in November 2013.
29/08/16   PJSC Mostotrest announces 1h2016 operating and financial results
Mostotrest delivered improved operating and financial results for the first half of 2016.
25/08/16   Vladivostok Nakhodka Vostochny Port Highway segment opened to traffic
The reconstruction project has created a system of modern automobile approaches to key ports of the Far East region.
08/08/16   Mostotrest closes order book for series 08 rouble bond issue
Investors were offered a RUB 5 billion tranche with a 10-years maturity and a 5-year put option.

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