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22/12/15   Reconstruction of traffic interchange at intersection of MRR and Mozhaiskoye Avenue completed
The new two-lane overpass with a total length of 600 m channels direct Moscow Region-bound traffic from the inner MRR onto Mozhaiskoye Avenue, over the existing cloverleaf interchange.
14/12/15   New segment of Northwest Throughway opened to traffic
Motorists can now easily access Mozhaiskoye Avenue, the MRR and Troyekurovski Proezd from Skolkovskoye Avenue.
30/11/15   Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street Tunnel Commissioned
As part of the project, Mostotrest has also upgraded the driveway of Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street and 3rd Nizhnelihoborsky Proezd, with expansion to six lanes.
09/11/15   TSM wins tender to upgrade Sheremetyevo-1 - Sheremetyevo-2 road
As part of the project, TSM will broaden the 6 km long Starosheremetevskoye Avenue from one to two lanes in each direction.
19/10/15   Mostotrest announces intention to float corporate bonds
Mostotrest in October 2015 intends to file for registration with the Central Bank of Russia of eight 10-year corporate bond issues with a total nominal value of RUB100 billion.
14/10/15   Mostotrest to build Solntsevo-Butovo-Vidnoye Road Section
It will become a core city street with continuous traffic flow and will connect Kiyevskoye Avenue with Kaluzhskoye Avenue bypassing the Moscow Ring Road (MRR).
05/10/15   Ust-Luga Commercial Seaport approach road completed ahead of schedule
Mostotrest and Transstroymekhanizatsiya have completed reconstruction of the km 0 – km 16 segment of M-11 «Narva» Highway (Saint Petersburg the Estonian border, Tallinn-bound), providing access to Ust-Luga, the new deep-water commercial seaport in the Leningrad region.
21/09/15   Toll collection launches on Vyshni Volochyok Bypass
Payment modes: cash, bankcards and electronic registration (transponders).
21/09/15   Equipment test mode operation to launch on 19 October on MRR Solnechnogorsk segment of M11 Moscow Saint Petersburg Highway
During the period of test mode operation, traffic on the head segment will remain free of charge.

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