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07/04/11   Mostotrest to overhaul a bridge on Vyatka Highway
Mostotrest OJSC has signed a state contract to overhaul a bridge over the Moloma River in the Kirov region, on Vyatka Highway. The contract is worth 43,466,990 roubles. The customer is the Federal Department for the Automobile Roads of the Volgo-Vyatsky District of the Federal Road Agency.
28/03/11   Notification of 2010 Results Release
OJSC Mostotrest (“Mostotrest”), (MICEX/RTS ticker: MSTT) will announce its financial and operational results for the year ended 31 December 2010 on Monday, 11 April 2011.
24/03/11   CORPORATION ENGTRANSSTROY builds new teaching facility for finance university in Moscow
The CORPORATION ENGTRANSSTROY has begun construction of a new teaching facility for the Russian Federation Government’s Finance University.
11/02/11   Mostotrest optimises operational-cost management
Mostotrest has deployed Infor EAM’s system to streamline asset management and maintenance and cut their related costs. The solution was implemented by KSS (Space Rescue Systems), a partner of Datastream Solutions CIS.
02/02/11   Georgiy Koryashkin elected Chairman of Mostotrest Board of Directors
On 31 January OJSC Mostotrest held a meeting of the Board of Directors in Moscow.
19/01/11   New Mostotrest Board of Directors elected
On 18 January 2011, an extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of OJSC Mostotrest elected the company’s new Board of Directors and Audit Committee.
16/12/10   Mostotrest completes phase one of bridge crossing over the Don River in Rostov-on-
<div align="justify">The Rostov firm of Mostootryad-10, a Mostotrest’s branch, has completed the first stage of the bridge over the Don River aligned with Siversa Street in Rostov-on-Don. The bridge was put into operation today. This is one of the largest transport infrastructure projects completed in the Rostov region over the past decade.</div>
10/12/10   Results of Mostotrests ordinary shares issue
OJSC Mostotrest has completed the placement of its newly issued ordinary shares in accordance with the Resolution of the Board of Directors dated 8 September 2010. The international offering coupled with the subscription for Mostotrest’s newly issued shares generated total gross proceeds of approximately USD 405 million.
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07/12/10   Inzhtransstroy opens up two sections of the M-4 Don federal motorway
A new section of the M-4 Don federal motorway bypassing the town of Yefremov in the Tula region opened up on 25 November 2010. Construction on the four-lane, 1B grade, 27 km-long asphalt motorway started in June 2007. The project involved building 22 road structures, including four two-level off-ramps. The motorway is designed to accommodate a speed of 120 kmh. A traffic police checkpoint and a road repair shop have been built along the stretch.
02/12/10   Corporation Engtransstroy to build junction on M-5 Ural federal motorway
Corporation Engtransstroy has signed a government contract after submitting a winning bid to build a junction on a planned section of the M-5 Ural federal motorway leading from the Smaller Moscow Ring Road to the village of Ulyanino. The Federal State Institution Federal Division of Motorways ‘Central Russia’ of the Federal Road Agency (FGU Tsentravtomagistral) is the contracting party.

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