Test mode operation of Rogachevka and Novaya Usman bypass in Voronezh Region launched


Transstroymekhanizatsiya (TSM), a member of the Mostotrest Group and a leading road infrastructure development company, has completed construction of a new segment of the federal highway M-4 «Don» to bypass the villages of Novaya Usman and Rogachevka (Voronezh region, km 517 - km 544). The bypass is now open to traffic in test mode.

Before the implementation of the construction project, the road segment represented one of the most severe bottlenecks on the M-4 Don Highway. Passing through the villages of Novaya Usman and Rogachevka, the road had a negative effect on the settlements' environment, road safety and transit traffic speed.

Construction of the bypass began in June 2014. The segment is the continuation of the Voronezh Bypass commissioned by TSM in November 2013. The new segment was built under the long-term investment contract concluded between the State Company Avtodor and TSM. In addition to construction, the contract also envisions the segment's repair and maintenance during 20 years post-completion.

As part of the project, the Mostotrest subsidiary built a 29-kilometer segment of Category 1A illuminated four-lane highway with a 6-meter dividing strip, two split-level traffic interchanges, 14 bridges with a total length of 1,322 m, as well as two pedestrian crossings with a total length of 163 m. Design speed on the new road segment is 150 km/h.

The new high-speed highway segment will be operated on a toll basis. Toll rates and toll collection launch date will be announced by the State Company Avtodor at a later time.


Transstroymekhanizatsiya (S) is a PJSC Mostotrest subsidiary. The company is engaged in construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure, such as roads and airports. TSM operates in the Central, Southern and Far Eastern federal districts of Russia, is a key contractor for the construction of segments of the Moscow – Saint Petersburg Highway and reconstruction of the M-11 Narva Highway, is currently implementing the Sheremetyevo, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhniy Novgorod, Khabarovsk and Norilsk reconstruction projects, as well as construction and reconstruction of the M-4 Don, M-9 Baltic and M-10 Russia highways.

Mostotrest is a major, diversified infrastructure construction company, with an established presence in all core and related market segments, and a participant in Russia’s first public-private partnership projects. According to EMBS Group, an independent industry consultancy, in 2015 Mostotrest held a 13.9% share of the total Russian transport infrastructure construction market.

Mostotrests core competences include construction and reconstruction of bridges, roads and other transport infrastructure facilities; provision of road maintenance, repair and operating services. In 2012, Mostotrest also entered a new segment: management of road concessions.

The company was established in 1930 as a developer of complex and oversized bridges.

Mostotrest is currently participating in the implementation of a number of complex transport infrastructure development projects, such as construction of the Section 4 (km 208 km 258) and Section 6 (km 334 km 543) of the M-11“Moscow St Petersburg” Toll Highway, construction and reconstruction of segments of the M-4 Don highway, construction of Kerch Bridge.

Mostotrest Ownership Structure:

94.2%: OJSC TFK-Finance;

5.8%: free float.

For more detailed Company information, please visit www.mostotrest.ru