Vladimir Monastyrev re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors PJSC Mostotrest

07/07/17   Mostotrest’s new Board of Directors elected on June 29 by the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting convened for its meeting in Moscow.

In accordance with the Companys Articles of Association, the new Board of Directors considered the matter of electing a Chairman of the Board at its first meeting. The Board has unanimously re-elected Mr. Vladimir Monastyrev, Deputy CEO for Development of Mostotrest, as its Chairman.

The Board has unanimously re-elected Mr. Valery Dorgan as its Deputy Chair, and Mr. Gennady Bogatyrev as Corporate Secretary.

The Board has also approved the Audit Committee consisting of three members. Vyacheslav Prikhodko, independent member of the Board, was elected as chairman of the Committee.

For Reference

PJSC Mostotrest is the largest diversified company in the field of infrastructure construction, with a presence across all key and related market segments, and a participant in pioneering public-private partnership projects in Russia. According to the EMBS Group, an independent industry consultancy, Mostotrest 2016 share of the Russian transport infrastructure construction market was 14.6%.

The Mostotrest Group key business segments include construction and reconstruction of bridges (including road, railway and city bridges), highways and other transport infrastructure, as well as road repair and maintenance services. In 2012, the Group diversified into a new business segment of road concession management.

The Company was established in 1930 for the construction of special and extra-large bridges.

Currently, Mostotrest is involved in a number of complex integrated transport infrastructure development projects, such as construction of several segments of the M-11 “Moscow – St. Petersburg” Highway, construction and reconstruction of segments of the M-4 Don Highway, and construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge.

More information about Mostotrest is available at www.mostotrest.ru