Mostotrest commences new project to upgrade moscow river bridge at Ilyinskoe


Mostootryad-114, a branch of Open Joint Stock Company Mostotrest (“Mostotrest”) has today commenced a new project for the comprehensive repair and upgrading of the bridge over the Moscow River on the A106 highway between the Rublevo-Uspenskoe and Ilyinskoe highways near Moscow. The Federal State Enterprise Centrautomagistral is the client for the project, the contract value of which exceeds RUR 665 million (approx US $24 million). The planned completion date of the project is June 2011.

The bridge was originally constructed in 1956. The comprehensive upgrade programme includes expansion of the road and strengthening of slant leg elements and structures, while ensuring that the dimensions of the bridge meet the required standards for the category of road. The project also includes overall replacement of the bridge floor in accordance with current waterproof requirements, seam deformation and force walling and strengthening and restructuring of the bank slopes.


Dmitry Schmidt, Chief Engineer of Mostootryad-114:

“Before any reconstruction work has taken place, the speed of vehicles on the bridge, taking into account its 6 metre width, did not exceed 20-30 km per hour. As part of our upgrade programme the road on the bridge will be extended to 9.5 metres with two 1.5 metre sidewalks in compliance with the standards for roads of this type, which will increase the speed of vehicles on the bridge to 60 km per hour. As a result the traffic capacity of the road linking two busy routes in the Moscow region routes – the Rublevo-Uspenskoe and Ilyinskoe highways - will almost double. In addition, after completion of the reconstruction, restrictions on the entry of heavy-vehicles to the bridge will be lifted”.

About Mostotrest

Open Joint Stock Company Mostotrest is a leading transport infrastructure construction company and the largest bridge construction company in Russia. It operates in the development and reconstruction of automobile, railroad and city bridges and other engineering works. Mostotrest has built over 7,500 kilometers of bridges, foot bridges, tunnels and complex transport interchanges and is currently working on many of the most important new infrastructure projects in Russia, including the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, and the Fourth Moscow ringroad.