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23/06/10   Mostotrest becomes controlling shareholder of LLC INZHTRANSSTROY CORPORATION

Open Joint Stock Company Mostotrest («Mostotrest»), a leading transport infrastructure construction and development company in Russia, announces today that it has acquired an additional 1% of the share capital of LLC Inzhtransstroy Corporation, becoming the controlling shareholder with 51% of the share capital of the company. Mostotrest previously announced its acquisition of 50% of the company’s share capital on 1 June 2010.

01/06/10   Mostotrest completes acquisitions of 50% of LLC INZHTRANSSTROY CORPORATION and 50.1% of LLC TRANSSTROYMEKHANISATSIA
Acquisitions allow Mostotrest to expand significantly its geographic reach and diversification into closely related segments of Russias infrastructure development market.
20/05/10   Mostotrest announces strong financial results for 2009
Open Joint Stock Company Mostotrest, a leading transport infrastructure construction and development company in Russia, today publishes its financial results in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards for the year ending 31 December 2009.

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