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31/05/18   Salaryevo Stolbovo: Mostotrest to build new segment of Moscow underground
The construction period is 518 days from the contract date.
29/05/18   PJSC Mostotrest Board of Directors approved recommendations on dividend payment
It was recommended that the amount of dividend payment be maintained at the level of 2016.
20/04/18   PJSC Mostotrest publishes 2017 results
Mostotrest reaffirmed its position as the market leader in 2017, delivering a significant increase in revenue and retaining market share.
11/04/18   Media Statement
27/12/17   RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency confirmed ruAA Credit Rating
The key factors that have had a positive impact on the rating include, among others, a stable backlog of government orders.
15/12/17   M-11 Moscow Saint Petersburg Highway Torzhok Bypass in Tver Region Opened to Traffic
The new section design speed is 150 km/h.
14/12/17   TSM To Carry Out Preparatory Works for Aksai Bypass on M-4 Don Highway
The execution deadline is 26 months from the contract date.
03/11/17   Mostotrest Board Recommends Dividend for 9m 2017
According to the results for the reporting period, Mostotrest net profit under RAS was more than RUB9 billion.
29/08/17   PJSC Mostotrest announces 1h2017 operating and financial results
Mostotrest achieved strong financial results for the first half of 2017 benefiting from a significant upturn in construction volumes.

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