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21/04/16   Mostotrest publishes 2015 results
Mostotrest further strengthened its position as a leading Group within the Russian infrastructure construction market and delivered healthy financial results.
23/03/16   Mostotrest to participate in Kerch Bridge construction project
Mostotrest will install most of the pillars and spans on the entire length of the road and rail bridges.
12/02/16   Mostotrest-Service and Autobahn joint venture to significantly boost road repair quality
MTTS and Autobahn will have a 55% and a 45% share in the authorized capital of the new company, respectively.
27/01/16   New segment of Moscows North Belt Road to link Festivalnaya street and Dmitrovskoye avenue
The segment will become a Class 1 core city road for continuous traffic, provide an exit onto M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway from Dmitrovskoye Avenue.
22/12/15   Reconstruction of traffic interchange at intersection of MRR and Mozhaiskoye Avenue completed
The new two-lane overpass with a total length of 600 m channels direct Moscow Region-bound traffic from the inner MRR onto Mozhaiskoye Avenue, over the existing cloverleaf interchange.
14/12/15   New segment of Northwest Throughway opened to traffic
Motorists can now easily access Mozhaiskoye Avenue, the MRR and Troyekurovski Proezd from Skolkovskoye Avenue.
30/11/15   Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street Tunnel Commissioned
As part of the project, Mostotrest has also upgraded the driveway of Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street and 3rd Nizhnelihoborsky Proezd, with expansion to six lanes.
09/11/15   TSM wins tender to upgrade Sheremetyevo-1 - Sheremetyevo-2 road
As part of the project, TSM will broaden the 6 km long Starosheremetevskoye Avenue from one to two lanes in each direction.
19/10/15   Mostotrest announces intention to float corporate bonds
Mostotrest in October 2015 intends to file for registration with the Central Bank of Russia of eight 10-year corporate bond issues with a total nominal value of RUB100 billion.

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