Bridge and structure construction
Construction and reconstruction of road, railway and city bridges, roads and other transport infrastructure
Mostotrest PJSC specializes in construction and reconstruction of road, railway and city bridges, roads and other transport infrastructure.
80-year history
Over its 80-year history, Mostotrest has built an excellent reputation based on a track record of delivering high-profile, complex and strategically important projects on-time while maintaining the highest quality standards.


During the construction of infrastructure projects Mostotrest uses sophisticated proprietary technologies, in line with best international practice. Mostotrest aims to be at the forefront of technological developments in its industry and has an in-house R&D facility.


Key technologies utilised in Mostotrest’s construction operations include:
  • technologies used for modern bridge construction, including the construction of bridge bearings, concrete in-situ pre-stressed bridge structures, reinforced concrete bridge structures, and steel and steel concrete steel bridge structures,
  • construction technologies for constructing bridge foundations, including deep laying using driven or drilled pylons and water retaianing walls;
  • construction technologies for quay structures and shore protection; and construction technologies for bridges with high pylons and large spans.


M-11 «Moscow – Saint-Petersburg» highway Km 58 – Km 97 Segment in Moscow Region (Solnechnogorsk and Klin bypass)
Sheremetyevo-2 airport (Moscow)
Road bridges in Turkey
Luzhniki subway bridge (Moscow)
Bogdan Khmelnitskiy pedestrian bridge (Moscow)
Pushkinskiy pedestrian bridge (Moscow)
Bolshoi Obukhovskiy bridge over Neva River (St. Petersburg)
Pulkovo traffic interchange (St. Petersburg)
Zhivopisniy bridge over Moskva River in Serebryaniy Bor (Moscow)
Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Oil pipeline (Far East)
Railway in Nakhodka (Far East)
Ufa airport (Republic of Bashkortostan)
Gelendzhik airport (Kransnodarsky krai)
Chita – Zabaykalsk Highway (Zabaykalsky krai)
Logistics center – Industrial park «Vostochny» (Noginsk, Moscow region)
Angara River bridge (Irkutsk)
Don River bridge at Sivers Str. (Rostov-on-Don)
Adler Ring Interchange (Sochi)
M-9 «Baltic» Highway section overhaul in Tver region
Voronezh Airport reconstruction
Northwest Throughway General Dorokhov Street – Mosfilmovskaya Street segment
Northeast Throughway. Festivalnaya Street – Dmitrovskoye Avenue segment
Northeast Throughway. Entuziastov Avenue – MRR segment
Reconstruction of Strigino airport in Nizhny Novgorod
Kerch Strait Bridge
M-11 Moscow – Saint Petersburg Highway km 334 – km 543 segment in Tver and Moscow regions
Volga River bridge in Dubna
Nara river bridge in Serpukhov
Norilsk Airport reconstruction
Moscow underground Sokolnicheskaya line Salaryevo station - Kommunarka station segment
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